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( Monday,25 March , 2019 )
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EDCA Activities

Association's accomplishments

  •  Assessment of the competence of the manufacturers and suppliers of the distribution nets harness and tools
  • Effective measures and interchange the contract with Iran insurance company to transact the managers civil responsibility insurance
  • Preparing the possibilities to grant facilities to the managers through the Tavanir company ‘s credit staff cooperative society
  • Assessment of the competence of the power supplies manufacturers relating to the distribution section through concluding the contract with the Tavanir company
  • Preparing the possibilities to buy a building in the name of the Association
  • Buying the happenings car for the distribution companies, if removed the barriers
  • Interchanging an agreement with the Saba company to replace all the domestic and public electric-meters after it is approved by the Ministry of Energy
  • Coordinating with the Tavanir company about to contract for the cement prop and panels
  • Reviewing the regulations relating to the final prices of the electricity distribution services rate for the subscribers and modifying the related tariffs
  • Attending in the Tavanir technical and commercial committees
  • Cooperating in codification of the energy sale agreement to the distribution companies through the electricity market of the Ministry of Energy
  • Defining a research project to give effect to the management systems and models in the electrical distribution companies (contracting with contractor)
  • Attending continuously in the regional meetings and obtaining the feedback from members
  • Dispatching the managers and staff of the member companies to exterritorial travels
  • Buying the common and required items including thermo-vision cameras


The Association's future programs

  •  The continuity of the payment of facilities with cooperation of the distribution companies
  • To pursue the process to obtain the permit of the Standard and Industrial Research Organization in regard to the confirmation of the technical inspectorate competency for the Association
  • To pursue the process to obtain the permit of the Ministry of Guidance to publish a monthly publication
  •  To purchase an office location by end of this year
  •  To pursue the final process to interchange the consultative contracts with the Tavanir company in regard to cooperation among each other
  •  To recognize and communicate with proficient and experienced experts of the distribution section
  •  To supply the human resources required for development of the Association
  •  To mechanize the assessment and discernment of the competence of manufacturers and suppliers
  •  To make an effort to the integration of the calculation and payment systems for the electrical receipts throughout the country
  •  To do the coordination to present the training required to the contractors' stuff of the distribution section
  •  To program and present the integrated training to the different management levels of the member companies
  •  To prepare the price-list of the service and installation of the equipment
  • To transfer continuously and effectively the problems and restrictions of the members to the upper authorities in summarized and to pursue in order to remove them
  •  To convene the guild meetings of the electrical distribution companies in different management levels
  • To establish an internet site to be possible for the members to get modeling from each other


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