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( Monday,21 January , 2019 )
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Board of directors


Hamidreza Pirpiran
Position in the association:chairman
Managing director of Isfahan Electrical Power Distribution Company


Naser Eskandari
Position in the association:Vice chairman and Treasurer
Managing director of Alborz Electrical Power Distribution Company
  Ali Saeedi 
Position in the association: Board Member
Managing director of Mashhad electrical Power Distribution Company
  Hamid Alaghehmandan
Position in the association: Board Member
Managing director of Isfahan Electrical Power Distribution Company

 Adel Kazemi                                                                                                                    Position in the association: Board Member                                                                              Managing director of Tabriz Electrical Power Distribution Company                             


 Hosein Sabouri                                                                                                    Position in the association: Subtitute Inspector                                                                        Managing director of Tehran Regional Electrical Power Distribution


Mohammad Alahdad                                                                                             Position in the association: Substitute Member                                                                       Managing director of Markazi Electrical Power Distribution Company

  MohammadReza Mozayani
Position in the association:  Inpector
Managing director of Khorasan Razavi Electrical Power Distribution Company
  Zeynal Ghanbari
Position in the association: Substitute Inspector
Managing director of Fars Electrical Power Distribution Company


  Seyed Mohammad Hashemi
Position in the association: Secretary-General
Managing director's consultant of Tavanir Company


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