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( Monday,25 March , 2019 )
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EDCA Roadmap


Road map of the Association

EDCA's Mission

The existential philosophy and the mission of the Association have been determined based on the past experiences of the Association on the one hand, and the approved articles of the association in the other hand, as follow:

  1. Protecting and supporting the rights and interests of the Electrical Distribution Companies.
  2. An effective formation for the members and Tavanir Holding Company.
  3. Making coherence the demands, needs and behaviors of the members.
  4. To be a base for modeling and analyzed optimizing the electrical power distribution companies.
  5. To provide a situation in order to identify and present new technologies in distribution section
  6. Giving a pervasive solidarity to reduce the costs of distribution section.
  7. Cooperating with Electrical Power Distribution Companies to get the path of improvement and promotion.
  8. An effectively participating in editing the electrical distribution's structures.
  9. A strong representative for the Electrical power distribution companies of all over the country. 

EDCA's visions

An effective base for giving solidarity and the realization of the ideals of the Electrical power distribution companies of the country.

EDCA's long-terms ideals

It is expected the following objectives shall be achieved by the year 1390, if the association can perform an effective role in distribution companies:

  1. Increasing the confidence in Tavanir Holding Company within the framework of agreed tasks.
  2. Increasing the confidence in Electrical power distribution companies through presenting appropriate services.
  3. To be an effective formation for decision-making in Electrical power distribution companies.
  4. Performing an effective role in improvement, promotion of the electrical power distribution companies.

EDCA's Policy

The framework in which the Association intends to move on, shall be included the following:

  1. To promote the Association's position in the power industry of the country through presenting the appropriate services to all beneficiaries.
  2. Making consultation, cooperation and interaction to create suitable backgrounds for improving the country distribution section.

EDCA's beneficiaries

  1. The electrical power distribution companies of the country.
  2. The government, Ministry of Energy and Tavanir Holding Company.
  3. The parliament of Islamic republic of Iran.
  4. The governmental and non-governmental organizations that they are in relation with Distribution companies, in any way.
  5. The contractors, consultants, manufacturers and suppliers of distribution companies.
  6. The applicants for obtaining the power branch and the subscribers of the distribution companies throughout the country.
  7. The universities, research institutes, laboratory centers, researchers and knowledge producers in distribution section.

EDCA's strategy

The following solutions are intended to achieve the Association's goals and ideals:

  1. Making an effective and continuous communications with the Ministry of Energy, Tavanir Holding Company, and distribution companies (members), and interchanging efficient information.
  2. Presenting the required services to the member companies.
  3. Introducing the Association and its capabilities to attract the supports of the efficient individuals and organization.
  4. Promoting the capabilities level of the Association through using the expert and experienced manpower.
  5. Modeling from other countries.

EDCA's objectivies

The Association's goals in 1388 according to the board of director's legislation and the requirements proposed by the members are as follows:

  1. Making efforts to launch an educating system for contractors' employees of the distribution sections with their own participations.
  2. To provide a comprehensive system for making clear the executive process of the distribution networks in order to facilitate the preparation of the price-list of the implementation of the operations by the members.
  3. Participating for editing the supplementary regulations of the electrical tariffs.
  4. Identifying and defining the service activities topics of subscribers, measuring time of the operations, and ultimately fixing price relating to presenting services to the subscribers in parametric.
  5. To do the pursuits required for exchanging an agreement with Bank Saderat Iran for installment plan of the power branch cost.
  6. To establish the information and public relation bureau.
  7. Cooperating with Tavanir Company in order to provide the welfare facilities for staff members.
  8. Creating a benchmarking base in the distribution section.
  9. Making a situation to provide inclusively a mechanized system for presenting subscribers' services.
  10. To arrange a mechanization system to evaluate the competence of the suppliers.
  11. Holding regularly educational meetings and seminars at different levels of management of the distribution companies, and to follow the activities required to eliminate their limitations and problems.
  12. Presenting effective methods to improve the management systems in the Electrical distribution companies.
  13. To establish housing cooperative called the Association of electrical power distribution companies.
  14. To establish a credit cooperative named the Association of electrical power distribution companies.



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